Classic Car Repairs in Weatherford, TX

We offer an extensive selection of services for all stages of life with your vehicle. These are a few of the processes our seasoned auto mechanic team can assist you with:

Diagnostic Testing

We’re your number one Weatherford auto repair shop. Therefore, you can feel secure bringing your car in at the first sign of trouble. Since we use the most innovative diagnostics equipment, you won’t have to play guessing games or musical parts. Our top-notch diagnostics equipment will pinpoint the problem precisely, and we can work on a solution immediately.

Auto Repair

Our general mechanics are on top of your auto repairs, from the bottom of the wheels to the hood’s pinnacle. Our staff has just the right mix of knowledge, experience, and tools to tackle any problem your car can dish out. We’ll perform the necessary repairs promptly while you wait and chat with our consultants or standby at home for the good news. Either way, you’ll be astonished by your vehicle’s resurrection and rebirth.

Vehicle Maintenance

Car maintenance is the key to ensuring that your vehicle has an extended life, and we’re here to turn it for you. We perform a large number of maintenance tasks to keep your car performing at peak levels. We use manufacturer’s recommendations, digital suggestions, and decades of know-how to keep all of your components operating like they’re brand-new. The more maintenance you have us do on your car, the less time you’ll spend here on repairs, but we’ll be delighted to do that for you, too!

Tires, Suspension Systems, Etc.

We understand that the suspension system is the backbone of your vehicle. When that system fails, you won’t be going anywhere. That’s why we care about the bottom of your car just as much as we do about the engine components. You can come to us for tire changes, strut replacements, rotations, balancing, brake checks, and more.

Wholesale Tires

Here at Napoli Automotive we carry a large selection of tires and wheels. We wholesale my tires to the public. You will not find a better price anywhere. We started the tire sales department a few years ago when we found out how some tire dealers took advantage of their customers with inflated pricing and added on extras at the end. There are not many tire companies in the states. A subsidiary tire is a tire made in say a Cooper plant under their specifications and guidelines but without the Cooper name. Good tire great price!! All major tire companies sell their extra supplies to subsidiary companies after they meet their quota. These companies make and sell their products cheaper. We are an independent so I can sell all brands available.

Transmission Overhaul and Repair

Here at Napoli Automotive we want you to be happy with our work today, tomorrow and years to come. That’s why we use Jasper engines and transmissions. They give a 3 year 100,000 miles parts and labor warranty state wide against all manufactures defects. Here at Napoli Automotive only the best aftermarket parts available are replaced on your new engine. We inspect the cooling system, ignition system, fuel system and give you our advice on needed repairs. Under the hood is cleaned. All brackets are cleaned and painted. We also loom all wiring after cleaning and inspecting the harness. Our techs take pride in what they do so there work shows and you the customer benefit from it. we also offer used engine and transmission replacements and in-house overhauls on all foreign and domestic vehicles including diesels. We promise to repair your car like it is my own and be there to help with any problem or concern you have during and after the repair.


Do you need a car? Do you have one to sell? No problem. We offer consultative services if you’re considering purchasing a new vehicle or getting rid of an old clunker. We sincerely want to help you get behind the wheel of a reliable car, or work hard to make your existing vehicle more dependable. Remember that you are family, and we only want what’s best for you.

These services are just the beginning of your journey with Napoli Automotive. Reach out to us soon to have a more fulfilling conversation with one of our experts.

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