General Auto Repair in Weatherford, TX

Timely car maintenance is the first defense against poor performance and system degradation. Napoli Automotive offers a comprehensive list of maintenance services and perform them to the manufacturer’s standards. They include services such as:

Oil Changes

The engine oil is its lifeline and is as essential to it as blood to a human being. Without timely oil changes, you run the risk of clogging and damaging the filter and getting debris and contaminants into the engine. Damage to your precious engine can cost you far more than a quick oil change, so let us take care of your car by servicing it at timely intervals. We use only the most suitable oils for your vehicle and remind you of when you should come back for your next change. Additionally, our filters are top-quality, and our processes are clean and precise.

Brake Repair

Our brake specialists can inspect your braking system, top off your fluid, fix leaks, or change your pads, calipers, and rotors. We’re serious about your safety, and we make it our number one priority every day.

Filter Replacements

Something as simple as a clogged or dirty filter can cause your vehicle a heap of trouble. However, we can inspect and replace your air filters so your engine can take the breaths of life it needs.

Tune-Ups and Spark Plug Changes

A good tune-up can put the spark back into your vehicle after driving thousands of miles. Our technicians can change your spark plugs and wires with high-grade parts and examine your belts, coils, filters, and ventilation system.

It’s probably time for a tune-up if you can’t remember the last time you had one. It would be an excellent icebreaker service to begin our long-lasting automotive maintenance relationship.

Coolant Changes

Cooling system flushes and coolant changes keep harmful debris out of your flowlines so that everything moves smoothly. Ask about our menu of cooling system maintenance services to keep your engine out of hot water.

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We’re set up to perform many other maintenance tasks for you. Just ask one of our classic car repair techs or consultants, and we’ll schedule you for diagnostics or any other services you need in the Weatherford, TX area.

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