I would like to teach my customers about shocks. First all shocks are not created equal and the most expensive are not always the best. 90 percent of shocks are built in a rolled steel tube that looks like what a paper towel role is wound on. It is made in very thin metal with the seam welded and polished smooth. These shocks are twin cell gas shocks. Most of them have 75 PSI gas and another big outer shell rapped around them to keep rocks and debris from smashing the thin inner wall. After 20 thousand miles the piston usually wears out on the polished seam and the shock is trash. A mono tube shock is built in a solid thick piece of steel it has no seam and 200 PSI gas charge. These shocks are awesome and make your vehicles suspension liven up. We sell KYB. I feel they have the best monotube for the price. I run these shocks on all my vehicles when available. A mono tube will keep your tire on the road so when you hit a pot hole the tire will slide in and out of the hole and not bounce in and out and cause the tire to chew small chunks out of it. KYB have a lifetime warranty and I recommend them as the best I have to offer. 

Gino Napoli