Car Purchase Advice

I get a bunch of questions asked about who makes the best car or truck - what should I buy ??? Who gets better fuel mileage and what about used cars???????? Well in this part of my website I will answer some of these questions. 

Okay remember one thing - the corporations are not your friends!!!! Everything built today has problems built into the vehicle. The manufactures will try to make you believe they are making the best product they can - all these new innovations, technology, better fuel mileage, longevity, bla bla bla !!! The American people have settled in all sort of ways for mediocrity and settle for less than average, especially in the automotive field. Most gas cars and trucks have a plastic plenum or intake - after 60 or 70 thousand miles it starts to warp and causes all sort of problems - it costs up too 800 bucks to replace it. Hmm -- who thought that one up ??? Plastic on top of a hot engine under a hot hood ?????? 

How about KIA ???? They are priced less than other vehicles but after 50 or 60 thousand miles the shocks and struts go out - ok no problem well just replace them with KYB - nope they don't offer them not Monroe or Gabriel either. I figure some will start to be manufactured by the aftermarket but the dealer prices on these parts are crazy - like everything you save on the car when you buy it they make up for it on the repair end??? Hyundai is the same - there is always a catch to it. How about GM trucks - their fuel pumps have wiring problems. It seems the wiring harness at the pump burns up ??? So how about Ford trucks - there spark plugs get stuck in the head - so much they made a special tool to help get them out!!! How about Dodge trucks - up until 2008 their transmission is the same transmission they used in the 1960s with a bunch of modifications!! Old technology !!!! Trucks---It seems like GM has put comfort first ?? Dodge not much new in technology and their seats stink !! Ford has so many issues with there diesel engines they are spinning in circles trying to compete. All have problems and not one trying to take a lead and improve there products, unless a new cup holder design is an improvement.?? Here comes Toyota, very pricey - I don't like the looks of it but it is built heavier - bigger parts - probably going to be the leader in 1/2 ton truck market and coming out with a diesel next. Not great fuel mileage and no track record yet leaves one to wonder what problems will it have later on. . How about fuel mileage ?? In 1988 GM put fuel injection on their trucks - the 4x4 1/2 ton got about 13 mpg realistically my 1978 got 9 and 1985 got 13 and my brothers 2006 gets 14 -15 ?? my Suburban in 1994 - 1997- 1999- 2002 all got under 16 ?? 2005 diesel Chevy dually 13.5 all the time worst truck I ever owned. 2005 Dodge pickup 3/4 ton diesel 4x4 15 unless A/C is on ??? All better on the highway unless pulling a boat???? Not that much better in the last couple years. Now as the power - the 5.3 Chevy doesn't pull like the 5.7 - not close, 3 miles to a gallon better and less pulling power - unless you talk to GM. They will tell you different. Dodge 5.7 hemi in a 4 door 3/4 ton is sluggish compared to there diesel - I won't even go on about Ford's diesel - 6.0 is trash and 6.4 isn't much better, plus it cost double to service them compared to the rest.

Have questions? I will try to answer them.