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Here at Napoli Automotive we carry a large selection of tires and wheels. I wholesale my tires to the public. You will not find a better price anywhere. I started the tire sales department a few years ago when I found out how some tire dealers took advantage of their customers with inflated pricing and added on extras at the end. There are not many tire companies in the states. A subsidiary tire is a tire made in say a Cooper plant under their specifications and guidelines but without the Cooper name. Good tire great price!! All major tire companies sell their extra supplies to subsidiary companies after they meet their quota. These companies make and sell their products cheaper. I am an independent so I can sell all brands available.

Some tire info - traction and temperature on the side of the tire.

Traction ratings - aa-a-b

  • aa is soft rubber capable of high speeds for a long period of time. These tires get excellent traction great ride but low tread life. They are usually for sports cars.
  • a traction gets good traction has a higher tread life and good for most vehicles.
  • no b traction tires are offered at our facility.

Temperature ratings - a-b

  • a temperature is good for hot and cold weather more of a performance tire.
  • b temperature is your good all around tire. I always say a traction b temperature is just great.

Remember some cars need better tires for tuned suspensions so don't just put the cheapest tire on your car it might not ride like it did when it was new.

Gino Napoli


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