Auto Repair

Here at Napoli Automotive we can handle 90% of all work needed on your vehicle from oil and filter changes to major overhauls. We offer

  • strut and shock replacement
  • front end repair
  • tires and wheels
  • all major engine and transmission repair and replacement
  • basic repair like brakes,water pumps, and tune-ups

We are 4x4 specialist and can handle all your custom needs, lift kits, body kits, gear replacements. We have many ground up restores running around. Click here to see our custom work. We can customize anything you want anyway you want it. We repair foreign and domestic and have most equipment to do so. If we can not do a job we will recommend the right people who can. Most of the shop equipment is snap-on so we do not take shortcuts when purchases are made. We use only the best. We have a smoke machine we CAN find a evap leak quick and easy. We have air conditioning machines for old and new systems. We also can fix r-12 vehicles without costly conversions. Air conditioning is a must in Texas. If you have an r-12 (old stuff) system and let someone convert it to 134-a (new stuff) and they do not change all the hoses and all the seals the system will leak out everything over a short period of time. 134-a is made up of smaller molecules than r-12 so the gas will leak out of hoses that are too porous because they were made for r-12. Also all the o-rings in the compressor and such are not made for 134-a so they all leak. To do a conversion on most cars the right way will exceed 1000.00 dollars. We can do this also. Don't be taken by quick fixes. Now this part is the most important -- drivability!!! This is how your vehicle runs, why it will or won't pass inspection and how its fuel mileage is. The dreaded check engine light - any shop that tells you that they do not have problems in this area of repair are lying. There are too many reasons for this light to come on. Even if you fix a problem you can have another immediately after the repair - something that did not show up on the first diagnosis. Computers in cars?? They break sitting on your desk in your house in room temperature with you looking at them. Go figure. The newer the car the more things to break and they will. New doesn't mean better. I will always tell my customer what I would do in a certain situation. If your car is not worthy of repairs needed I will tell you that--even if I lose the job. I will look at the car you would like to purchase and give you my recommendations. There are some vehicles with repetitive problems they all do it. The manufacturers are into throw away cars, plastic junk. I will let you know which ones. 

Gino Napoli